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Halloween Magic

»Posted by on Nov 5, 2009 in In the News | Comments Off on Halloween Magic

November 5, 2009 by Squire News Rockford magician Russ Niedzwiecki created this Halloween costume. He was one of the winners at the American Legion Halloween party this year. That’s his own leg in...

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Starlite Kitchen & Baths Party

»Posted by on Aug 27, 2008 in Very Magical | Comments Off on Starlite Kitchen & Baths Party


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The Suite Life

»Posted by on Jun 29, 2008 in Very Magical | Comments Off on The Suite Life

Fans at the Borculo Polishing suite agreed to smile simultaneously for this pic. A perfect display of team effort, or just plain luck.

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Bailey and the Clan

»Posted by on Jun 28, 2008 in Very Magical | Comments Off on Bailey and the Clan

Here we are doing some cool stuff together just before game...

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Magi of Old

»Posted by on Jun 2, 2008 in Very Magical | Comments Off on Magi of Old

Met a former “International Brotherhood of Magicians” member, Tim Hayes. He works as VP of Sales/Marketing at Kodiak Construction, a long-time sponsor of the Whitecaps. Tim recalled a few of his own magical memories like it was...

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