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It seems everyone has a curious interest in the magical moment. When I was young, I remember using my library card to take out my favorite science books and making some projects. Lots of simple ones, like shaking pepper on some water, and seeing how it ran away from the bar of soap dipped in the middle of the glass…

Then there was “bigger magic” to experience. Like when I made a solar cooker out of mirrors placed just right on the same saucer I’d use for sliding down hills in the wintertime. But this was summer, and it was time to cook hot dogs on “The Creation.”

Or the time a telephone was constructed with a 6-volt battery, one speaker, a couple of razor blades, a piece of graphite, a cigar box and some wire. The neighbors likely thought I was a bit odd. But strange… they always seemed pretty curious.

But my returns to the library often led to 793.8 – that’s Dewey decimal for the “magic section.” There weren’t many books on the subject – most of which were over my head. But it always seemed to make me feel I was in on something that was very special. It would set me up for the excitement of any magic show on television. They began with the performances of Doug Henning, and led to the almost annual appearance of David Copperfield.

Eventually, in my early twenties, I approached the local magic shop, seeking a magic club I had heard about. This may have been one of the beginnings. I met and was encouraged by former president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, June Horowitz. I knew I always enjoyed magic, but it took meeting a special person like June to realize I was truly hooked!

At the time, I didn’t know much about magic. But I was especially motivated by fellow magicians who saw a few of my ideas and liked them. That’s when I began to perform.

I continue to enjoy seeing magic, but none of it matches the family magic of spending time with an encouraging wife like Stacy, saying, “Just get out there… they’ll love you.” Or seeing our two little guys like Alex and Lucas grow up. Sometimes I just look and stare at them in amazement. Other times – I just look….and stare.

Meanwhile, with a little sleight or misdirection, I’ll continue to enjoy        making friends of total strangers, and enjoying moments together
with them.

And it will be,  as it has always been for me – very magical.

Russ Niedzwiecki  aka  MagicBuzz

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