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Just Passin’ Thru

DVD and Manuscript With Bonus Effect – $19.95

A dollar bill, wrapped around a pencil, is instantly penetrated by the pencil! The bill is again wrapped around the pencil, and once again, the pencil penetrates through, at slow-motion pace.

Nothing added or taken away! Masterful routining makes this one of the most visual effects anyone can perform.

A special performance DVD is included, showing Russ Niedzwiecki perform and explain the methodology behind “Just Passin’ Thru.”

Additionally, as an added bonus effect, Lonnie Chevrie performs his terrific “Finger Through Bill” on the DVD with method explained in the accompanying manuscript.

Forty-six illustrations by Tony Dunn helps you understand the work behind the scenes in the nicely assembled instructional booklet, complimenting the DVD.

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