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SWITCH*A*ROO is a card worker’s dream – visibly switching cards, coins, envelopes –just about anything the dimensions of a playing card.

The magic world has only scratched the surface with what this terrific device can do. It has so many uses!

Imagine this – a card is selected, and the deck is shuffled. When the selected card is brought back in play, get ready to perform miracles! Even with a “shuffled” deck – you now know what the top eight cards are in order! Bring in your “special” cards into a routine. Take your “special” cards out of a routine. Endless possibilities!

“The Remote” is the weapon of choice when using SWITCH*A*ROO. Cards are imperceptibly switched without touching them. When originally marketed, this was by far the most underrated utility within this device. It is just incredible to see. If you haven’t yet seen the “Remote Switch”, click here.

Sorry – Switch*A*Roo is out of stock at this time…

“I like this! …I can certainly see it being used to perform that miracle that will blow them away.”

– David Goodsell
MUM Magazine

“Switch*A*Roo is a very clever piece of magical thinking… you’ll probably use it all the time.”

– Jim Sisti
The Magic Menu

“This is neat, a lot of fun to play with, and a great utility device.”

-Phil Wilmarth
Linking Ring

Johnny Thompson has this to say about SWITCH*A*ROO:
“I use it.”

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